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Lil bonus post

I know, that was a lazy excuse for a Saturday post even with Ropecon as an explanation. Here, take a Twitter snippet as a bonus. I created a new character, bard Jonnifer "the Bear" Wubbleford, based on a chum of … Continue reading

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Last Weekend: Live at Bar Äijä’s

Word count: Holiday mode. I’m out of time again this morning but today is my lovely wife’s birthday so I should write a quick report about her birthday party which we held at Bar Äijä’s on Saturday. It was a … Continue reading

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Interlude: *hic*

Word count: Holiday mode. I’ll return us to our regular programming tomorrow, but for now let me say that last night’s birthday spectacular was nothing short of a triumph. Bar Äijä’s first attempt at a live music showing was perfection. … Continue reading

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