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Day 96. 68 pages, 30,301 words. This is definitely one of the best things I saw this week. Some madman has created an AI that generates motivational posters. Special thanks to Mr. BRKN for showing me this particular Internet Gem™. … Continue reading

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I Am

Day 51. 69 pages, 34,075 words.                         For a little while a week or two ago, there was a mini-meme [insert Austin Powers joke here] going the rounds of social media wherein one went to the Google Translate “Finnish to English” … Continue reading

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The Smart One / The Happy One

Day 51. 129 pages, 63,799 words. Today, for a change of pace, I thought I would share a collection of little image macros I have made. These are based on my dear daughters Wump and Toop, whom I love infinitely … Continue reading

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The Tramp, now on social media

Day 56. 142 pages, 69,244 words. Shit, didn’t get anything written yesterday because I was messing around with marketing. And, you know, work. Anyway, I consider it totally worthwhile, because I made a little marketing agreement with the Indie Author … Continue reading

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