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My Hilarious Saturday

Day 43. 161 pages, 58,131 words. I’ll get to the movies soon, probably. In the meantime, here’s another amusing thing that happened to me on Saturday night. So, I was at the Fahrenheit residence enjoying decent drinks, good movies, and … Continue reading

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Daily News

Day 2. 8 pages, 2,433 words. After starting off my 2015 with pepper Viru Valge, Tabasco, jallu, Unicum, Sambuca, Mansikki, Caol Ila, an assortment of energy drinks and other weirdness (some of which you will probably need to google but … Continue reading

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Damn fool ideas: Jallu

Day 25. 62 pages, 30,356 words. Ugh. Well, that was a waste of a weekend. Okay, not really, but I am disappointed in myself and wonder if I will ever learn. Saturday was fun. Actually got out into the forest … Continue reading

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