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Random DnD humour

I made a random .gif today. Made me chuckle. “When your DnD character dies and you roll up a new one and just tack it onto the existing team when they’re in the middle of a campaign and they all … Continue reading

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Ropecon 2019, with pictures

This year Ropecon was mostly about the cosplay. Which it often is anyway, for us, but this time I was really too worn out to do anything else. Plus the weather was dismally hot (despite the airconditioning in the convention … Continue reading

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Idle Sunday

Day 55. 143 pages, 66,274 words. On at least one day this weekend, we’re hitting a medieval / Viking market upcountry so I’m not likely to have much time to post or write anything much. Plus, I think not only … Continue reading

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6 iconic stories improved with #IAmGroot

Well, this is basically what it says on the box. I was struck by the idea (surely not original even this soon after the movie comes out, especially for the readers of the comics who must just love all the … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Day 40. 102 pages, 47,144 words. Well, I have a new favourite movie. Probably favourite movie ever. I’d be hard-pressed to think of a movie I enjoyed as much as this, although I’m sure there are cherished childhood classics that … Continue reading

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