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Bring a human

Day 30. 23 pages, 11,232 words. Completely ran out of time and energy today, after crashing hard last night and feeling utterly unrecovered this morning. But hey, looks like I managed to ramp up enough to write a solid Chucky … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Final Fall of Man is complete

Crap, running out of time today. Human is done! Find it in e-book format, in paperback, and if you want the paperback in a form that will give me a higher share of the royalties, get that here. The paperback … Continue reading

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Interlude: Humanity

If you ever feel like doubting that humanity’s sole superpower is the ability to personify things and then make Adversaries or Gods from them … just get online and look at what we’ve decided to think of “2016”. In other … Continue reading

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Interlude: Human

Ended up being rather busy today, doing work-work as well as finishing off the final additions and alterations to Human. It occurs to me that I still have to wait for Mrs. Hatboy’s and Mr. BRKN’s editorial feedback, I can’t … Continue reading

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Merry Monday to you

Day 29. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Made a bit of headway with the new short story, due to a nice long Saturday night and a slightly extended Monday morning of writing – I had to drop Toop at daycare so … Continue reading

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Scribble of the Day

Just a quick one for today, last night I scrawled out the general outline of the Six Species emblem. Harmony. Or a whole bunch of people just got eaten. Something tells me I should have three Molranoid outlines, maybe concentrically? … Continue reading

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