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This Week In Medicine

Yesterday I had to rush into Hakunila to get jabbed and blood-drained as part of my annual series of check-ups. Tomorrow, I was destined for a couple of different X-rays. Unfortunately, one of them has now been moved to the middle … Continue reading

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Operation Get Your Rocks Off

Day 19. 100 pages, 44,780 words. Almost exactly a year ago, I began proceedings to get myself a vasectomy. I was told that it was a long and difficult process (even before taking into account the fact that doctors really … Continue reading

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This Month in Facebook (1)

Day 9. 35 pages, 14,122 words. For today’s lazy effort, I’m just going to relate how my MRI yesterday went, through the medium of Facebook status jokes. I call it “the Arsebook Method”. True facts. Anyway, that really happened yesterday. … Continue reading

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MRI (not MRA)

Day 8. 32 pages, 12,965 words. Well shit a doodle-doo, looks like the hospital finally remembered I existed, and sent me an invitation (on Tuesday!) for my routine MRI (on Friday!). So today I’m off work for at least the … Continue reading

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