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The Seven Creepies in: The Christmas Crossover Caper | Part 6

This one was also female, although the distinction was even more meaningless than it had been with Mell. She was, effortlessly, the most disturbing Creepy so far – and considering Mister C of 9, that was really saying something. She … Continue reading

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Darling’s Day

The sky was weeping tears of ash At dawn on Darling’s Day. The stones of Heaven high above Looked down with not a glimpse of love As we walked with heads and voices raised Our hearts gave lie our steely … Continue reading

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Greyblade: Ready

So Greyblade finally came in at 715 pages, 205,282 words. Quite the monster. The paperback is available on Amazon here. The e-book is available here. My hiatus continues, but here is my usual metrics graph for the three parts of … Continue reading

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Interlude: Greyblade release February

I’m not sure when I promised this book but I think it was January 2019 (happy new year all, by the way!). Out of pity for my editors (except for BRKN who managed effortlessly) and the fact that they can’t … Continue reading

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Random All The Way

Day 114. 138 pages, 62,297 words. Beginning to worry I won’t be able to fit this bad boy in a draft paperback. Still no real time to make a good start on Part 4, but I’m powering away at Greyblade … Continue reading

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Rosedian’s Daughters

In celebration of my latest book release party, although not actually book release, I am throwing a sneaky draft chapter from Greyblade onto the blog. This is contextless and may or may not wind up included, since I’m not properly writing yet … Continue reading

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