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Random aki’Pedia entries

At a bit of a loss and having trouble getting The Last Days of Earth done, so instead here’s a little bonus post with some aki’Pedia entries. Today I tackled Arbus Rosedian by way of the Tenth Elders, and of course … Continue reading

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I signed up and told Goodreads that this Andrew Hindle fellow was in fact me, which – you know, it’s complicated, but he’s one of me anyway. These guys seem to have some pretty good promotional and sharing ideas too, … Continue reading

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Coming soon. Like, tomorrow-soon.

Day 44. 105 pages, 51,402 words. We’ve done poetry, television, film, music, now it’s prose literature’s turn. Specifically, my prose literature. I’m re-thinking the marketing for Drednanth. At least as far as advertising it through Indie Author News goes. Don’t … Continue reading

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