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A Case of the Mon- Wait…

Day 109. 94 pages, 41,546 words. Heh, hold on, it’s Thursday. Today’s blog post was proudly brought to you by the Engineers of planet Earth, and the wonderful things they say. I didn’t say it was a good blog post. … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash

Last night was highly entertaining. I had a gig in Kallio, of all places. The Finnish Scottish Society, with whom I’ve made friends through an amusing series of events, were throwing a surprise birthday party for one of their members. … Continue reading

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What was that weekend all about? What? And now it’s Monday? What a world.

Day 56. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Dang it, working on it – almost there. Well, as my blog title for today would seem to suggest, the weekend was a very surreal affair. We thought we were going to be super-busy … Continue reading

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