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The Seven Creepies in: The Christmas Crossover Caper | Part 14

Doctor Creepy was, indeed, a classic-model Creepy, from the long blonde hair to the disturbing eyes and grin to the overly colourful shirt underneath his white hospital coat. He introduced himself as Doctor Glomulus Cratch. Creepy declared this the coolest … Continue reading

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Easter break

Ugh, what’s with this house lately? Just seems like illness after illness is sweeping through this place, just as soon as we get over one round, another one hits us. And this time, it’s screwing up our long weekend sleeping … Continue reading

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The Edit

Nothing much to add today either. I have been immersed in project work, which is going well. And some editing on a secondary project, which has also been fun. Actually, I found one of Those Typos yesterday – you know, … Continue reading

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