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Big Video Weekend

Day 117. 124 pages, 57,188 words. It’s another weekend and I’m going to leave you with a mess of videos. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done too but I guess we’ll see. May be all over until the weekend after … Continue reading

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Woo hoo (Monday)

So my Book 8 editors’ copies have arrived. I guess I need to hurry home before Mrs. Hatboy or Mr. BRKN break into the post package and start reading. I have to add the Notes to the Editors anyway – … Continue reading

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Friday. Only this and nothing more.

Another fun and busy week rolls to an end. I parked the car in Itis yesterday (always a chore to make me shriek with rage), and took the metro into Helsinki to catch up with Mr. dreameling. We exchanged notes … Continue reading

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Uninspired Friday

Day 61. No change. Damn it all. I’m almost done, but instead of getting up early and going to write, I went back to sleep and woke up at about the time I normally get to work. This on a … Continue reading

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Friday: The One Before The Weekend

Meh, not much to add today. We were out reasonably late last night eating sushi and watching Game of Thrones, so went straight to bed and had to go straight to the bus this morning. Went to Tikkurila for the … Continue reading

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Excuse me, what did I just read?

I was amused, and then outraged, this morning by a link sent to me by a friend. We sometimes share these fun eye-rolling moments, and this one was a hum-dinger. In this “trending” story, apparently fans are raging about George RR … Continue reading

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