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My 8 Bits Worth (Pixels: A Review)

Day 53. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Mrs. Hatboy and I sat down to watch Adam Sandler’s feature-length live action remake of that one-third of a Futurama episode where What If Life Was More Like A Video Game, Pixels. Ambassador Kong … Continue reading

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The more you know

Today’s bit of utterly random sci-fi trivia is brought to you by that magical material, velour. I don’t know why I was actually looking this up on Wikipedia in the first place, but once again the inherent hilarity of the … Continue reading

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So, Futurama ended. This was actually a couple of years ago now, but I only just got to it. And there’s always a reasonable chance that it’s going to continue – this is the fourth time they’ve written a specifically-intended “final … Continue reading

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Little Miss Hatboy (Interlude 2)

I’ve undertaken not to make this a sappy baby-blog, just like when we were buying and renovating our house I undertook not to make this a Home Improvement blog. I think I’m fairly safe from that now, however, and yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Independence Day

So that’s what it is here today, 6.12. Happy Independence Day, Finland. I’m not sure when I got home this morning, and only have the vaguest idea how. Lord only knows how I managed to direct the taxi driver to … Continue reading

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