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What I Learned When I Attempted An Alternative Lifestyle In “Animal Crossing”

I’m an artsy fartsy litwank creative type (you may have noticed!). When something comes along that claims to support individual expression or freedom of choice, I just have to do something different to everyone else to show I’m a special … Continue reading

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The Saturday After

Day 22. Weekend, probably no progress. Well, that was a brutal little series of events. Sorry about the disjointed blog posts yesterday, but I was pretty messed up. After planning on going to work, I found myself with the shakes … Continue reading

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Day 9. 18 pages, 8,598 words. What a spectacularly silly movie. Let me see if I can break it down. Mark Wahlberg is a struggling single dad who grows American flags on a little farm in Texas. A little farm … Continue reading

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