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The Myconet, Part 13

Day 73. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Astonishingly, the L&E tower cafeteria was relatively crowded when I found my way there, and the reason was almost immediately apparent. They had ventilation. Most of the employees of the lower levels of L&E … Continue reading

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Day 23. 51 pages, 23,853 words. Late last week, an unexpected Saturday evening’s entertainment brewed when my lanttumies Vuta contacted us[1] with a query about whether we were free on Saturday evening. [1] ‘Us’, in this case, referring to a … Continue reading

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Maailma Kylässä

I thought I was going to get time to finish the little writing bit I was working on, but looks like no time off this weekend. Out most of Friday, wrangling kids and taking out our enormous pile of recycling … Continue reading

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The Ramen Burger, Part II

I looked down at the menu in mute shock. Ramen Burger …………………….. $9.50 If you’ll just call it what it is – a noodle burger – the very fact that this thing was on the menu was enough to make … Continue reading

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