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Leaving Facebook

Facebook’s got a lot of problems. Facebook’s problems have problems. They’re nothing really that we haven’t known about for years, and mostly they’re fine if you’re not a moron, but I’m not going to sit here and say I’m not … Continue reading

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Festival of the Horn, 2028

A couple of years ago, as I was attempting to organise and invite people to my 40th birthday bash, I jokingly created a Facebook event for my 50th birthday party in the hopes that some of my more hopeless and cancellation-happy … Continue reading

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Day 65. 31 pages, 9,867 words. September is a bit of a weird month for me. Mainly, these days, because it reminds me of 2011. 2011, as Facebook’s “On This Day” feature hilariously reminds me, was a long series of unpleasant … Continue reading

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Meeting new people

Yesterday, I was once again amused to find myself face-to-face with some people on Facebook who I’d never met, never heard of, and who clearly had no idea they would be meeting me either. The subject was “Australia Day”, which … Continue reading

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Interlude: Precious memories

Day 76. 161 pages, 58,131 words. Today’s hilarious interlude comes from the fantastically brutal Facebook “On This Day” algorithm, which decided I needed to see this at about 01:30am as I was wrapping up my Write Night for the week[1]: … Continue reading

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Thursday at work

It’s going to be another week or so before I get to go back onto my home computer for any sensible length of time, and that’s where all my stuff is. So I won’t be able to provide metrics, or … Continue reading

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Wednesday giggles

Day 3. 67 pages, 25,229 words. Not a lot to add here. Mrs. Hatboy, Wump and Toop returned yesterday, which is nice. It’s quiet at work with everyone on holiday, I’m fixing up what I can and waiting for the … Continue reading

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Fifty First Shades of Grey

Day 1. 20 pages, 5,870 words. The following lazy offering is brought to you by Facebook, where a bizarre fusion of Grammar Nazism, Adam Sandler movie critique, and Martha-esque coincidence of film titles resulted in this entertaining thread.  I had … Continue reading

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This week on the Facebooks

Day 20. 73 pages, 33,802 words. As promised, here are a few snaps from our Australia Day lamb barbecue last night. I may have gotten a little over-enthusiastic about it. Sorry about the picture quality, I know you demand the … Continue reading

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Lazy Daily Facebook Funnies

The last few days have been great, despite my grumbling. It’s dropped to -15°C now and Wump has a bit of a cold, but the sledding has been fantastic. Yay! I even managed to assemble the machine despite the horrible … Continue reading

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