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Panda Egg: Cracking Soon

It’s ready! The paperback is in review and Mister Thorn is wrestling with the e-book as we speak. By the end of the week, all should be in readiness. All that remains is to see if my copies arrive in … Continue reading

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Friday Filler: These are the silly little things that make me happy

Here’s a random funny writing story. After my decision to put out a little mercenary short story with the combined goals of inspiring myself to kick into something, test my premium blog offering and make enough spare cash to pay … Continue reading

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Professor Arash Khigaal liked working with animals. Well, technically the Choglings weren’t animals, they were low sentients, but Khigaal found it difficult to think of them that way. The group he worked with – a small family unit, two males, … Continue reading

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