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Bonus post: Exoplanets

I suppose it is expected of me, as a science-fiction author, to delay telling you the story of my broken car and the way it got fixed, so I can rhapsodise about exoplanets. Okay, it’s really cool. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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Exoplanets, continued

Continued from yesterday. As for Matt Damon’s world, as soon as they saw the upper mountains and upper atmosphere they should have known it was a lie. The air we breathe, O2 and N2, is relatively light compared to most … Continue reading

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Black Hole Sun

Today, my time is very limited and I saw that there’d been an upswing in discussion concerning the nitty-gritty of Interstellar, so I decided to go into it as a new post instead of a comment. Because I thought they … Continue reading

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Mondays, case of

Still waiting on pictures and updates as the report takes shape, so here’s another random space-filler and Facebook-joke. I’m still on hiatus, technically, so am trying to focus on writing for work rather than here on my home computer. Still … Continue reading

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