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Arcanum Unbounded: A Review

Day 37. 96 pages, 43,253 words. A few days back I finished reading Arcanum Unbounded, Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere short story / novella anthology. Since I have recently published a little anthology of my own with a similar (but smaller-scale … … Continue reading

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Schadenfräulein, Cola Fanta and Other Random Stuff

Day 35. 91 pages, 40,763 words. Yesterday afternoon I was mostly entertaining myself with schadenfreude (and, yes, unangebracht freude), over Laura Huhtasaari’s plagiarised Master’s thesis. It’s a very small and petty thing and it doesn’t actually matter, since the university isn’t pursuing it … Continue reading

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1800 posts, 1000 tweets, and signing off for the summer

As promised, I’m going to take a bit of a break for the next four weeks. I’ll blog up anything that strikes me as super important or inspiring (can’t promise my work on incels, Batman, or Boonie the weasel’s back-story … Continue reading

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Interlude: Writing female protagonists

Here’s an interesting thing I saw this morning. An author kicked up a bit of a storm (oh, to have a share-fest viral outbreak like this… *wistful sigh*) with a tweet about a guy who hilariously failed to write a … Continue reading

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Short Day Thursday

Just a random blog post today, I’ve started work on a certain something but I’m going to leave it until the weekend to post, so I can get my usual weekend pre-write in. In the meantime, here’s a semi-related sort-of … Continue reading

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Wednesday. Summer Holiday #3 in Sight.

Due to an amusing series of coincidences, I have (at least) three summer holidays this year. The first, saved over from my pitiful new-employee allotment from last year, occurred over Christmas and New Year. You read the epic. Probably. The … Continue reading

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Author fight!

Day 75. 125,772 words. Well … okay, there probably won’t be an author fight since this poor little nobody seems to have fallen through the cracks like a tinpot third world military dictator’s threats of global annihilation. But what the heck, … Continue reading

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