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Steel Guardian: A Review

This review is part of my judging effort for the SPSFC. For a little intro to the whole thing and an explanation of my judging style, see this practice review. Our next SPSFC semi-finalist was Steel Guardian, Rusted Wasteland Book … Continue reading

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Obey Defy: A Review

I’m on a reading break from the SPSFC while I wait for the next round of semi-finalists to be announced, and this novella fell into my lap while I was scrolling the SPSFC promo Discord. As such it is sort … Continue reading

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Today I Learned

…that the early-’90s Lambert classic, Fortress, was set in a dystopian 2017 where AI prisons and draconian one-child breeding policies had been set in place to control the population. We have once again dropped the ball and disappointed the visionaries … Continue reading

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