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No time again (hey! Aki’Pedia!)

Today I got a little closer to finishing off the aki’Drednanth entry of the aki’Pedia, but there is still quite a lot to add there. Big girls are damn complicated. Oh well, go check it out. There are a few … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: Drednanth E-Book Free This Week

I should probably add, for those of you not on Facebook or Twitter, that I am continuing my campaigning in the wake of Damorak‘s release and leading up to the publication of Human. Since Eejit has apparently passed its freebie … Continue reading

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Dear Saturday Hatboy

Oh, you tried to keep the mess from getting too bad? This is you keeping the mess under control? What was that pint of White Russian all over the bar floor with sticky footprints leading in and out of it? … Continue reading

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Dear Sunday Hatboy

By the time you read this, last night will have happened and you’ll probably have a few choice words to say to me. That’s fine, you have at it. You’ll also have some cleaning up to do. And whether or … Continue reading

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Drednanth covers

Day 52. 132 pages, 66,088 words. Well at least now I know why I’ve had such a peaceful few days. Ever since Mopho Cake III lost his charging mojo and I took him to the shop to get his USB … Continue reading

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Mrs. Hatboy’s Birthday

Day 49. 120 pages, 59,360 words. It’s Mrs. Hatboy’s birthday today. Happy birthday, Mrs. Hatboy! We’re celebrating by a bit of a lazy day, some presents and basic hanging around. Then a bit of a party tonight, but actually that … Continue reading

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Drednanth: E-book now available for pre-order

Day 46. 110 pages, 54,551 words. Dear Readers, If you read my last book and enjoyed it (and certainly plenty of people seem to have done, which is great), then you will almost without doubt enjoy my next one. If … Continue reading

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