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Random Saturday Thoughts, 1

The other night I had a strange dream. I was working on a vineyard (I think this part at least was related to the fact that we’d just finished watching Star Trek: The Next Generation where Picard ends up as an … Continue reading

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Schadenfräulein, Cola Fanta and Other Random Stuff

Day 35. 91 pages, 40,763 words. Yesterday afternoon I was mostly entertaining myself with schadenfreude (and, yes, unangebracht freude), over Laura Huhtasaari’s plagiarised Master’s thesis. It’s a very small and petty thing and it doesn’t actually matter, since the university isn’t pursuing it … Continue reading

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Well, there it is, my first Breath of the Wild dream

Day 14. 12 pages, 5,250 words. Over the weekend, I played a lot of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ll try not to ramble about it too much, not many people are interested in listening to other … Continue reading

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600-year-old toilet makes a splash in archaeology circles

Excerpt from a dream I had early this morning. There was a lot of other stuff going on in this dream but this is what’s stayed with me. I was at a friend’s place, and went to the bathroom to … Continue reading

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Time for another patent-pending Wacky Hindle Dream(TM)

Day 3. 21 pages, 10,264 words. Last night I had a dream. In it, there were four great waves of people fleeing from an indeterminate region before me, past me, and away up a long, steep ridge behind my viewpoint. … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Bat-Headed

Day 6. 102 pages, 42,801 words. Ugh, thundery weather all day, unpleasantly overcast, no time to drink coffee this morning, splitting headache. Had to go to the shops again to get a few last-minute things, and am now cleaning up … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton vs. Crackers

Day 67. 219 pages, 108,067 words. I had a weird dream on the weekend (I think it was Saturday night?). It’s entirely possible that I am watching and reading too much stuff about the US Presidential campaign. But here we … Continue reading

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