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Random directionless grumbling

Day 80. 41 pages, 17,209 words. Decent write night last night[1], but not a great one for sleeping. Wump and Toop both decided to keep Mrs. Hatboy company so there was no room for me in bed when I got … Continue reading

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Interlude: Weekend, again

Day 44. 160 pages, 75,287 words. No change. Been a nice enough weekend. Saturday night we played the Game of Thrones board game with some friends (the day was won by Mrs. Hatboy playing the Baratheons), and today we’re going … Continue reading

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Interlude: Customer service

Day 43. 160 pages, 75,287 words. Let’s assume nothing major done this weekend either, although I am chipping away and this will probably be reflected by a big jump early next week. At this rate it looks like I will … Continue reading

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Don’t post anything with PostNord

Today has not been the greatest day ever so far. An endless night with an adorable, chirpy-arse one-year-old who just didn’t seem to know or care that it was 3:00am; mystery technical bugs at work; oncoming cold; and then there’s … Continue reading

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Now on Usenet

Day 12. 33 pages, 15,870 words. My newsgroup tab lit up with a brief flicker of life the other day, as a friend posted a link to what he deemed “[maybe] the stupidest article ever written about a Game of … Continue reading

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