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Interlude: Home

Day 50. 156 pages, 76,728 words. I watched a fun little Dreamworks movie last night with Wump. Home, the touching story of … uh, an invasion of Earth by aliens almost magically more advanced than humanity, their relocation of the … Continue reading

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On improving the species

I’m very proud of my eldest daughter. This little interlude in paternal conceit harks back to an earlier blog post about dumb arseholes on the road, and also previous armchair philosophising about the slow improvement to humanity that will come … Continue reading

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Müllick on slavery, an excerpt

“So, wait,” Nifai said, “how many of our allies endorse slavery? Isn’t that – you know – evil?” “There is no evil in biology. Any so-called ‘inherent’ goodness or evil in a mortal species, in terms of morality, is inherited … Continue reading

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