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Interlude: Busy Week

Stand by for more excuses and whining. Nah, nothing much going on for the moment. Very busy at work, no chance to write more Creepy and Hatboy right now, and still waiting for my stupid editors’ drafts (the drafts are … Continue reading

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Thirty-nine and feelin’ fine

Day 52. 72 pages, 36,017 words.                          Well, it’s my birthday again but (aside from fielding the usual smattering of social media shout-outs) I’m not making a big deal of it. Always. It’s been an amusing and sometimes irritating week in … Continue reading

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Tales of the Final Fall of Man

446 pages, 144,553 words. Finished. Well, that’s that. Nothing more to say on the FFoMiverse for the time being. On with the next story, I suppose. I have a couple of search-and-replaces to perform that my phone and work computer … Continue reading

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Molran: Out Now

Day 52. 186 pages, 87,891 words. Molran is available in paperback at CreateSpace, and will be propagating to Amazon in paperback and e-book format soon. https://www.createspace.com/6147707 I get better royalties from CreateSpace, though. I’ve set the e-book price to be … Continue reading

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