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The Golden Idol

“Captain?” Galana tapped on the comms panel again. “Captain Hartigan?” there was no response. She looked up at the ceiling. “Computer,” she said, “is the Captain awake?” “Not fully,” the Conch replied smoothly. “I have begun the process of waking … Continue reading

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Some More News (Cody’s Showdy)

I’ll just leave this here.

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Musical Interlude

Here’s a nice bit of atmospheric music set against a backdrop you might find familiar. I like the tune (are those intro-notes familiar? Sounds like the opening or a trailer for something?), and had to drop a comment in the … Continue reading

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Poisoned Fruits

No, not lightly does one kill a God. There was an insult, a dire curse, mostly forgotten in the Last Days but still guaranteed to kick off a fistfight or a witch-burning if spoken in the wrong circles. That curse … Continue reading

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Coming out of hiatus briefly because it would be historically remiss of me not to at least mention that March 2020 was the month COVID-19 really made its presence known across the world. I haven’t done a lot of research. I … Continue reading

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