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Interlude: How Not To Treat Your Cover Artist

Day 57. 110,835 words. This amusing little Internet explosion (which I am hereby dubbing a “storm in an e-cup”[1]) occurred over the weekend and I had a bit to say about it on Facebook, but figured I might as well share … Continue reading

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Storyteller, cont’d

Day 81. 45 pages, 18,687 words. I’m keeping an eye on the Kindle Storyteller contest, but they haven’t announced the short list yet. I did, however, wind up on the front page (sort of). You need to find the sci-fi … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Final Fall of Man

Just in case you were wondering, the Christmas Special this year is going to just ramble on through until we hit 2017 full-speed. It does connect up to the rest of the Christmas Specials and the whole thing is chock-full … Continue reading

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Day 21. 51 pages, 23,853 words. Nothing much to say today, the eat-off was hilarious but the lads quite definitively bit off more than they could chew. Photos later. Today, I received and paid for my final cover for Damorak … Continue reading

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Saturday status

Day 6. 0 pages, 0 words. A decent day today. After a lot of random waffling, I finally figured out where short story #1 is headed and began to make proper headway with it. I can’t promise I’ll get it … Continue reading

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