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A Weekend Cage Match (two reviews)

Finally, after far too long (although it hasn’t been as long as the Hatstand would have you believe, as apparently there was a bromantic movie night between this one and that one in 2019, I just haven’t written a review … Continue reading

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Character study: The Majarthian

She was a starship, but not according to most standard definitions. She was relative-capable, heavily armed and armoured, and possessed of a unique and darkly quirky personality, but none of these specifications corresponded to any Corporate or known Alien technology. … Continue reading

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So, yeah. It’s the weekend and I don’t have anything much to add for today, but I stumbled onto this little movie on Cracked and I thought it was interesting. Worth a watch. I still like the movie but it … Continue reading

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Pointless Geek Moment #355

Day 8. 15 pages, 7,205 words. Busy weekend. The other day, I sat down with Wump and watched Tangled, the Disney Rapunzel movie that came out a few years ago and didn’t make much of a splash. We only just … Continue reading

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