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Pandamonium 2019

I’ve only got a couple of pictures to share and not much to tell about this, the fifteenth official book-release party held at Bar Äijä’s[1]. We’re getting steadily better and better at organising these things, and by now it’s a … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash

Last night was highly entertaining. I had a gig in Kallio, of all places. The Finnish Scottish Society, with whom I’ve made friends through an amusing series of events, were throwing a surprise birthday party for one of their members. … Continue reading

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Years ago, a Chucky Report

Day 18. 51 pages, 23,853 words. Yes, done. The following is a tale of a hilarious and foolish thing I did when I was a lad. I sent it to the local radio station for their Scottish DJ to read … Continue reading

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Dear Saturday Hatboy

Oh, you tried to keep the mess from getting too bad? This is you keeping the mess under control? What was that pint of White Russian all over the bar floor with sticky footprints leading in and out of it? … Continue reading

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Interlude: Flaithulach

Day 61. 157 pages, 78,748 words. Bear with me, I’m out of practice when it comes to Chucky Reports. So, I thought that maybe I had invented the term “bworst”, but a few seconds on Google convinced me that no, … Continue reading

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