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Frozen (interlude 7)

Note: There’s a heap of spoilers in this and I couldn’t be arsed to blank them out. Sorry, please exercise caution while reading. I’ll go back on my word and drop my review of this movie here, since I think … Continue reading

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That Day (Way Backstory 3)

Ariel drove directly to ‘the office’. On this occasion ‘the office’ happened to be a closed set in the middle of Timor Park, one of the few green zones remaining within walking distance of Perth’s central business district. The team … Continue reading

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Journey to the Centre of the Couch, Part 8

Agent Wesson continued to study the couch for a long moment, then seemed to snap out of it. He turned to me. “You’re going in,” I said. “Right?” “Believe me, I’d rather not,” he replied, “but the boffins have instructed … Continue reading

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