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Interlude: Laurie

Day 51. 102,650 words. For as long as I can remember, Laurie and his family have been a part of my circle of friends. That’s because he was a lifelong mate of my dad’s, so when my dad had kids … Continue reading

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What I Did On My Holidays, 2017-2018, Day 13

Day 48. 99,612 words. On holiday this coming week. Don’t expect much in the way of updates or word count changes. I may update them or I may not. Work will be happening on my phone. On Friday, the 5th … Continue reading

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Time to die (don’t worry, it’s just a video)

I was pointed in the direction of this cute little video yesterday. Figured it was worth making a post about. There’s not much to add, really. I’m not entirely sure what’s supposed to be happening on October 17th (the marketing … Continue reading

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Ctrl+X-Men Origins: Edpool

(I had a huge, mind-blowing, world-changing breakthrough in the past couple of days, have a few bits written down but just want to savour it for a while, let it bubble in my head before posting anything – this is … Continue reading

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