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British classics

Day 12. 120 pages, 55,558 words. Today I’ve mostly been laughing at this: Still a bit busy today, getting some writing done before it gets too hot. Going pretty well. The word-counts, as I confessed, are a bit fudged so … Continue reading

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Let’s all be grateful

Day 45. 50 pages, 24,794 words. I know, it’s a really small thing to be pleased about, and not really all that connected to my life in Finland (except insofar as Finland is part of the EU and insofar as … Continue reading

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Back to your scheduled programming

Midsummer was magical. My phone went flat and I didn’t bother to charge it, even to blog. Wump had a few coordination-based tragedies, chief among them a few falls and a burn on her butt from the sauna rocks. Toop … Continue reading

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Brexit and Bracists

No time to do anything but phonecap from my Facebook feed today. This is where I’m at. Next step is Finnish citizenship. I may or may not hold onto my Australian one, if only for my kids’ sakes.

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Warning: Some Politics Ahead

So tomorrow (I think) the UK is going to have a public vote over whether or not they will remain in the EU. I’m really too weary to debate this, but it does make me mad. By all means, brexit[1] … Continue reading

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