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The Break: A Review

(Day 15. Nothing more today.)

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This Week in Review

A couple of 4-star reviews bumped down my perfect-5 record to a measly 4.7-star book, but that’s fine. Sales seem to be ticking over and the reviews – although I still sort of know the people who made them – … Continue reading

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Tweeting away

Once again, nothing much to add today. Got a super-busy day coming up, with work and all, as well as a whole lot of organisation to do for the party tomorrow. I’ve been working on the quiz we’re going to … Continue reading

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Eejit reviewed

Day 45. 115 pages, 57,054 words. Well, my blogging, authoring, reviewing pal was unable to contain himself and while the Amazon format is still off-limits while the book is up for pre-order, he had the tools at hand to get … Continue reading

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Pay Me, Bug!: A Review

Day 4. 8 pages, 2,643 words.

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Aww Yeah

In today’s unangebracht freude news category, I was delighted to see that at some point in the lazy April 1st afternoon – amidst increasingly bored exposing of April Fools Day jokes – Edpool had made the big time. Okay, maybe … Continue reading

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On the Steel Breeze: A Review

Holy crap, but this day was just a write-off from beginning to end. How can it be half-past nine and I’ve barely just had lunch? Screw daylight savings time, what a load. Over to Edpool.

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