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Character study: The Bear

Jonnifer Wubbleford, if one was forced to describe him in a single word, was a rascal. But this didn’t do him justice, because he really demanded three or four words to fully capture his prime selling points. Describing him by … Continue reading

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Day 28. 17 pages, 8,490 words. Here’s something mildly interesting. I was doing some research into Heaven and assorted concepts of the afterlife or supernatural realms for my latest book, and I stumbled onto this one. Tiān is the ancient … Continue reading

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Semi-interlude: Bonshoon (quote)

Day 51. 175 pages, 81,837 words. The following is an excerpt from Bonshoon. To read the rest, go ahead and buy the book. You should have already! Anyway, I’m allowed to give out free samples of my own books. The … Continue reading

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What I Did On The Weekend: A Bonshy Chucky Report

This weekend I was blessed with the excellent company, loving support and criminal-level over-encouragement and downright foolishness of my friends and family for our third big book-release bash. This one was a little late, due to the summer season – … Continue reading

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Bunzo, it’s Bunzo, He fills the world with fun! Bunzo, he’s Bunzo, Belov’d by everyone! He’s Bunzo, that’s Bunzo, He likes to laugh and play! Come to Bunzo’s, Have fun at Bunzo’s, And never go away! Bonshoon, the latest book … Continue reading

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Day After … Day After Vappu!

So, nothing really to add today. We went to two birthday parties and ate a butt-ton of cake. It was lots of fun. Wump is currently overstimulated and jabbering in bed, reading herself to sleep. My proof copies of Are … Continue reading

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Amusingly enough, after the mad stress of recent months and getting all my work done on time, our engineering brethren decided it was just too damn hard to answer some simple questions and so the work has been delayed by … Continue reading

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