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Today my impossible dork of a firstborn, who we have nicknamed “Wump” for the purposes of social media, is ten years old. Last weekend, we were up at the family cottage for midsummer. A few of the adults decided to … Continue reading

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Festival of the Horn, 2028

A couple of years ago, as I was attempting to organise and invite people to my 40th birthday bash, I jokingly created a Facebook event for my 50th birthday party in the hopes that some of my more hopeless and cancellation-happy … Continue reading

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Time for another weekender (part 2)

Day 5. 40 pages, 17,932 words. Today, rather than attend Ropecon again, we are swinging by the ol’ Palokas house to celebrate my grandmother-in-law’s birthday. The matriarch of the extended Helenius / Palokas clan is turning ninety. In classic Lillo-mommo … Continue reading

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Saturday, Wump’s Birthday, Midsummer 2017

Day 90. 57 pages, 24,081 words. Back from Sweden as of this morning, expecting it to be quiet in town. I understand that today is midsummer (Juhannus), even though the summer solstice was actually a couple of days back. It’s … Continue reading

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Last Weekend: Live at Bar Äijä’s

Word count: Holiday mode. I’m out of time again this morning but today is my lovely wife’s birthday so I should write a quick report about her birthday party which we held at Bar Äijä’s on Saturday. It was a … Continue reading

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Day 7. 14 pages, 6,509 words. Busy weekend. It’s Wump’s fourth birthday today, so I’ll celebrate it by talking about the ghost in our shower room. As you know, I’ve made a bit of a point of not posting too … Continue reading

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Well, today I don’t quite have the hangover I deserve, but it’s a close call. The birthday party was a great success and the 6D6 game was highly interesting and entertaining. Nobody had any of my Yo Listen Up (other … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hatboy

Today, along with John Travolta, Molly Ringwald, Jack Palance and Yoko Ono apparently, my lovely wife celebrates her mumble-mumbleth birthday, which she is currently enjoying by getting a long sleep-in without a coughing, flailing, screaming, chatting, kicking, sniffling, bouncing child … Continue reading

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Murder most foul, Part 1

I knew things were not going to end well when I saw how they were starting. Creepy declaring that the game is afoot, and putting on his special Sherlock hat, is never a good sign. I say ‘special’, because it … Continue reading

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