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Daily WTF

Day 43. 151 pages, 69,120 words. Not getting up early until this shit is solved. This definitely goes into my “weird second week” file. I’m still going to be talking about my balls, because they’re weighing heavily on my mind. … Continue reading

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Friday, sometime in the … you know the line

Day 42. 133 pages, 60,943 words. Sigh. I started this blog over 11 years ago, a few days into my first office job when I realised I had a lot of reading and acclimatising to do, and a long time … Continue reading

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Last Day of Holidays

Day 39. 133 pages, 60,943 words Operation was a success. Solid ache in the ol’ boys and a bit of a rough night as I tried to find a comfortable position to sleep, but feeling okay right now. Just tender. … Continue reading

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