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The Fake Hunt, Part 14

“The same place? Are you sure?” “Chucky, stop asking that. Yes, it’s the same place.” “The same place as my gig?” “You’re our ticket in,” Ingtar said. “Hurin and Perrin both agree that the trail of trollocs leads into the … Continue reading

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The Lie of the World, Part 12

When the patrol rode into the Whitecloak camp bearing two unconscious bodies over their saddles, Forsaken_1 could barely hold back a shout of relief. It had been days, and finally the plot was moving forwards again, and had come back … Continue reading

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What I Did On My Holidays, 2017-2018, Day 21

Day 70. 118,823 words. Nope, didn’t make the 70 day “deadline” – but I’m close! As yesterday’s entry might have led you to suspect, today – Sunday, the 13th of January – was finally the last day of our epic journey … Continue reading

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Interlude: Burns Supper

Day 27. 80,795 words. Assuming no weekend progress. Hard to believe it’s already been a year. I haven’t had much time to practice since returning from our trip, so I can’t promise my performance will bring the house down, nevertheless … Continue reading

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[enter an interesting title for your blog post]

I was totally planning to write a movie review or some other Interesting Thing today, but in the end I opted to get a little bit of extra sleep and a spot of bagpipe practice done today instead (at least … Continue reading

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Hosting VI: Pub Crawl Edition

Going out pub-crawling with the fine Scottish lads and lasses of the Finnish Scottish Society tonight. Taking my pipes so as to tootle the crowd gently from one pub to the next. For as long as I am able. I … Continue reading

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Birthday Bash

Last night was highly entertaining. I had a gig in Kallio, of all places. The Finnish Scottish Society, with whom I’ve made friends through an amusing series of events, were throwing a surprise birthday party for one of their members. … Continue reading

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Interlude: Burns Supper

Last night, Mrs. Hatboy and I were pleased to secure invitations to a celebratory dinner at Suomenlinna, for the Finnish Scottish Society’s first annual Burns Supper. This celebrates Burns Day / Burns Night, which is the day of the Scottish … Continue reading

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Ol’ George

Day 2. 60 pages, 22,732 words. On Sunday I received word from back over in Australia that my old bagpiping mentor, George McClelland, had died. George was a nice bloke, who taught me the basics of piping. I started a … Continue reading

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