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SPSFC: Meet your Team Space Lasagna semi-finalists

Today each of the ten teams for the Self-Published Science Fiction Contest announced their three top books. That means 27 shiny new top-tier books will be finding their way to me for reading and reviewing in coming weeks (or, you … Continue reading

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The First Feast: A Retrospective

I’m winding down to my summer hiatus and am going to be busy at work and getting my parents settled in Bar Äijä’s for the next couple of days, so here’s a quick retrospective on the second-to-last Bar Äijä’s bash: … Continue reading

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Wump Art, A New Phase

I scanned a couple of things quickly and thought I would share them. The following is an experimental new artform by which my firstborn creates an illustration, and I render it into full final form and colour. We’re like a … Continue reading

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Interlude: Relative

I had an extended and quite interesting discussion with my firstborn yesterday. We took Toop out for a walk (Wump had expressed an interest in going to visit her great-grandmother who was enjoying some time to herself with Wump’s grandparents … Continue reading

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Wump’s Bestiary

My firstborn, who I have taken to calling ‘Wump’ for the purposes of this blog, has the standard non-reality-contaminated imagination of any almost-four-year-old, but – for the time being – hilariously limited drawing skills (but if you want a picture … Continue reading

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Valentine Friday 2014

Ugh, it’s another day when I just have nothing. I’ve got a few more dwindling days before my holiday starts. I say “holiday”, of course, but only whatever time I take off in the week leading up to the 28th … Continue reading

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