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New Year, New Look

My esteemed and warped-genius colleague, Creepy (aka. Mister C, aka. … well never mind, he has more nicknames than I do) has invested in graphics software and turned his efforts to (among other things) a DeviantArt page. Go and check … Continue reading

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Day 45. 151 pages, 69,120 words. The cover is in. Now I just need time to finalise the publication.

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How the Week was Won

Day 9. 23 pages, 10,133 words. Well, with one thing and another it’s been a pretty sad and sorry week. Crappy things happening in the world. A lot of people yelling at each other about what everybody should think about … Continue reading

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Night of the Ponies

A few years back, Mrs. Hatboy’s imagination and amusement were caught up (as were mine) by the work of a Finnish artist by the name of Mari Kasurinen. Among other works, she did these My Little Pony customisation jobs that … Continue reading

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