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Day 113. 129 pages, 58,244 words. Actually took a bit of a dip today because yesterday I deleted a bunch of stuff that it’s become obvious isn’t going to make it in, and moved a bunch of other stuff that … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Meh (hallelujah)

Day 38. 35 pages, 16,703 words. Ugh, I’ve got nothing. I’m on hold. Too many meetings, too much work. Decided to go door-to-door asking for Amazon reviews because just trusting the social media algorithm was not working. Too easy for … Continue reading

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Once more unto the Twittersphere

Another busy week and not much to add on the writing front, but I decided to take another swing at getting The Final Fall of Man some attention, since I went to the trouble of writing it and all. It … Continue reading

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This week on Amazon

Day 74. 244 pages, 122,358 words. “From what I gathered, this is the middle book of the series. This entry has an almost Empire Strikes Back feel to it, in the most abstract sense possible i guess. You could say … Continue reading

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