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Just Training

Day 39. 37 pages, 18,008 words. Another all-day training today, nothing much to add at this point and nothing to report. Just slogging chest-deep through a crazy week. My reviewers have been doing a wonderful job and I’m approaching 20 … Continue reading

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All a-bored

Day 25. 14 pages, 6,613 words. This morning I put Wump on the Sotunki-Hakunila linjataksi to school, then crossed the road with Toop and jumped on the same linjataksi going in the opposite direction and dropped Toop at mommo’s for … Continue reading

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Interlude: The Final Fall of Man is complete

Crap, running out of time today. Human is done! Find it in e-book format, in paperback, and if you want the paperback in a form that will give me a higher share of the royalties, get that here. The paperback … Continue reading

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A Case of the Mondays

Day 46. 149 pages, 72,102 words. Ugh, back to work. One of the first times after a holiday I didn’t actually feel like going back. It’s not that I usually want to go back to work, not that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Publishing a Book

Day 11. 29 pages, 12,640 words. Now, I’ve self-published before and have decided that basically it is the way to go for me. I could self-analyse forever about whether I’m good enough to actually land an agent or publisher, but … Continue reading

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This Week in Review

A couple of 4-star reviews bumped down my perfect-5 record to a measly 4.7-star book, but that’s fine. Sales seem to be ticking over and the reviews – although I still sort of know the people who made them – … Continue reading

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Monday marketing

Day 46. 120 pages, 58,794 words. Not sure what happened there. I have nothing much to report today, so I shall post another couple of Facebook sets. Fun times (1). Fun times (2). Final few days of pre-order closing in, … Continue reading

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