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Signal boost: Save the Drake

Here’s a random story and a call to arms for my 1,999th blog post. Back at the end of the last century, I was running wild and free on a Usenet newsgroup called alt.fan.robert-jordan. I’ve talked about it a lot … Continue reading

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The Rules

Day 30. 83 pages, 38,803 words. Okay, I know I’ve been dumping on Jordan Peterson a bit since learning who he is, but this video is hilarious and quickly veers off the Peterson topic. Which is fine with me because … Continue reading

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When Chucky Met Janica

Eighteen years ago, pretty close to On This Day, in 1999 (actually it started on the 27th of August, but it ran through the 1st of September and beyond), a conversation happened in the newsgroup of alt.fan.robert-jordan. The following dramatization … Continue reading

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The Wheel Turns. Yet Again.

Day 26. 17 pages, 8,490 words. This week we took another baby step towards a Wheel of Time TV series. Like the Star Wars sequels and allied movies, I like to think this blog is a bit of a long-term … Continue reading

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The Wheel Turns. Again.

Day 14. 91 pages, 40,080 words. My Facebook news feed tells me that the Wheel of Time television series is one step closer to reality today. You may remember this from about a year ago, when the amusingly-named Red Eagle … Continue reading

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Interlude: Asmodean, Demandred, Taim, and ROBERT JORDAN LIED!!!1!!one!!

Day 55. 190 pages, 89,629 words. My old pal Ilya just dropped this on me over in Facebook land, and I felt it deserved at least something of a note here. This is going to pass way over the heads … Continue reading

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The Pavin’

Day 38. Word count to be added. Well, this looks like it. Yes, it looks as though we’re overwhelmingly more likely to get an end to the Game of Thrones TV series before – long before – we get an … Continue reading

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