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Author fight!

Day 75. 125,772 words. Well … okay, there probably won’t be an author fight since this poor little nobody seems to have fallen through the cracks like a tinpot third world military dictator’s threats of global annihilation. But what the heck, … Continue reading

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Hitting the bricks, Internet style

Day 36. 87 pages, 42,982 words. Marketing campaign is going well, I have actually gotten a few notes from people whose names I don’t recognise, saying they’ve pre-ordered Eejit. That’s a pretty big deal, for little old me. But you … Continue reading

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Aww Yeah

In today’s unangebracht freude news category, I was delighted to see that at some point in the lazy April 1st afternoon – amidst increasingly bored exposing of April Fools Day jokes – Edpool had made the big time. Okay, maybe … Continue reading

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On the Steel Breeze: A Review

Holy crap, but this day was just a write-off from beginning to end. How can it be half-past nine and I’ve barely just had lunch? Screw daylight savings time, what a load. Over to Edpool.

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