Catching the Seal to Sweden

Day 88. 57 pages, 24,081 words. Entering flatline.

This afternoon, we head off – I, Mrs. Hatboy, Wump, Toop, Tinny and Grandad – to the Silja Line ferry to Sweden. We’ll be there all day tomorrow and then head home on the boat again.

Nothing much to report for the rest of the weekend, really.

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Day 87. 57 pages, 24,081 words.

Wump’s having another birthday party this evening, this time for assorted family members from across the village and across the globe.

My “summer holiday” begins today. Cruising home to help with the preparations.

Did a little lazy tweeting this morning.



Need to keep up with the tweeting and marketing as much as I can. Books keep slipping off the Amazon radars. I need to get another one out but it looks like this might take a while. Oh well, I guess I can afford to take it slow for a bit.

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Another Day, Another … €100 or so?

Day 86. 54 pages, 22,853 words.

My arbitrary Day 100 deadline approaches, I’m slowly getting places with this story but for at least the next couple of weeks I am operating under the handicaps of a) being busy at work, b) having no computer, c) being on full-time family duty when I might otherwise write on my phone, on account of my parents being here.

Still, no complaints. I only feel bad because Mrs. Hatboy has to deal with them all day, as well as dealing with the girls, while I’m at work. I also feel bad because I should set aside overtime and days off and no-write time for Mrs. Hatboy and the girls more … but I like to tell myself I do that. Oh well.

Only one more day of work left this week, then it’s off to Sweden. You can reasonably expect another flatline and a bunch of empty posts just to keep my count (or lack thereof) going. My “summer holiday” this year is basically the Juhannus weekend and that’s about it.

Looking forward to the trip, though. And Wump and Toop are delighted to have “Tinny and Grandad” over.

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Suomi-100-sized case of the Mondays

Day 85. 50 pages, 21,190 words.

Well that weekend happened and is now over with.


Moving on. My parents arrive at 16:00 this afternoon. At which point my work week will be 1/3 over, on account of my “summer holiday” kicking off. I’m taking a whopping two days this summer, and saving up the rest for Christmas.

I’m just hoping my parents are a bit more chill this year, because I need the additional stress of their judgement and nagging like I need a bullet in my fucking head right now, and I know Mrs. Hatboy feels the same.


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Assassin of Dragonclaw

Day 84. 46 pages, 19,379 words.

Well this weekend has been a comedy of disasters. Stomach almost killing me on Friday and keeping me home from both intended parties. Wump getting bitten (not badly, but traumatically) by the neighbours’ dog on Saturday. Ah well.

Cleaning the house in preparation for the arrival of my parents tomorrow afternoon. I am pre-writing this, but apparently Mr. BRKN is taking Wump and Toop to the aquarium for the day, just for fun.

Follow-up: They took the girls to some farmy, villagey thing in Porvoo, but yes. Close enough.

So I’ll be clearing the bar and making sure the wreckage that is my home office does not look like escaping any time soon.

I finished Lucas Thorn’s latest book and dropped him a review I was rather pleased with. Check out the full version here. And check the series out, it’s really very enjoyable and just keeps getting more interesting.

Another greatly enjoyable swordpunk knifeslinger spaghetti fantasy from Lucas Thorn.

A truly exciting and alien-yet-familiar reimagining of the high fantasy city here, where “volcanoes” replace skyscrapers and the nobles-and-guilds politics is as brutal as anything that happens in the Deadlands – or under them.

Of course, we’re left with questions as always. What is the Warp? How far back do the histories of the Gods go? What is happening to this world, and what has happened to it in the past? Where does Nysta fit into it? How many more awful pop-culture-reference puns will I have to endure before the end?


Well done and get back to work, Penhand.

– A lazy excerpt

That’s all for today. By which I mean Friday. Back to work.

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Rig, number … I’m not even sure anymore

Day 83. 46 pages, 19,379 words.

Another weekend, another set of social events! At least this time, I can’t really complain about not getting to write. I will as usual be trying to do as much as I can on my phone, but there will be no writing for a while: my parents arrive on Monday and will be using the bar to sleep in, and my computer has gone to the big recycling centre in the sky. Yes, Silicon Heaven.


Where all the calculators go.

My computer is very old, and very clogged with unnecessary stuff. It was last updated I-don’t-know-when, but it’s been years. And it really only got a new graphics card at that point so I could play Skyrim and Deadpool. Incidentally, I never had time to play Skyrim and Deadpool. Oh, and it got a new power pack so it could run the card. That’s about it.

Anyway, recently my antivirus ran out and Mrs. Hatboy put me onto the household antivirus network, and at about the same time my good friend Heikki took the rig apart and put in a couple of RAM chips some three times faster than the ones that had been in there, and yet all of a sudden my rig – or at least its boot-up and Word functionality, which is basically all I ever use it for – slowed down massively.

Something must have just given up inside it, and Heikki declared it was just old age.

So, time for a new rig!

The good news is, I think he’s just going to move my hard drive across (but I have backed everything up anyway, just in case) into a computer that my lanttumies Vuta[1] salvaged from an associate and is basically younger and superior to my old rig in every component, even the graphics card. Vuta’s throwing in a new-fangled SSD hard drive to boot up from. So, let’s see how all that goes.

[1] No, it’s lanttumies.

In the meantime, off to my auntie-in-law’s place for celebratory birthday coffee, and then an evening of Arkham Horror with some friends.

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Give nothing

Day 82. 46 pages, 19,379 words.

Yesterday, I ran into this amusing website and video. Take a watch, it’s well worth it.

I’m not really sure just what the submit-your-own videos are meant to achieve, but it was a fun idea so I made a video. I doubt it will end up on the site, but whatever. I want to do more than just blog and Facebook angrily about bigots (but less than go out and punch them!), so this is something.

Will it make me stop sniggering or grinning at (or even making) dumb racist jokes, under certain circumstances?

I don’t know. Probably not, but it’s given me some cause to think.

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