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Breakfast Corn Cakes; or, This Isn’t Really About the Corn Cakes

Originally posted on Mrs. Hindle's Viands and Vittles:
After a long hiatus, Mrs. Hindle is back, dear readers! What can I say? I am a master procrastinator. Recently I’ve binge watched a YouTube channel that does all the stuff…

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Electocalypse, USA 2020

Subtitle: DisgRace 2020 It’s election day over in the US. Right now I’m watching a fucking amazing movie made by Cody’s Showdy. You need to check it out while we wait for the hammer to fall. This post is purely … Continue reading

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Daily Drool

I found this link courtesy of my most excellent cover artist and friend, Gabriel. These are the silly pretty things that make me happy. Enjoy.

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My Ridiculously Photogenic Children, Again

It’s been a while since I posted anything and things have been pretty crazy, as always. I’m actually starting to get some proper writing done and am feeling good about it, hopefully I’ll have something to share soon but in … Continue reading

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Thank you, Mister Boseman

It’s been a while and I haven’t written anything about this, because it almost seems redundant. I processed it and am still shaken and saddened, and it didn’t seem like any words I might toss on the pile would mean … Continue reading

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How’s the weather?

I was given this idea by our esteemed new Hatstander Toon. At first I was a bit flummoxed by it, but then I realised that it was really quite interesting. Toon wants to know what the weather is like all … Continue reading

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35+ Jumanji: The Next Level Reviews – Box Office Sales Measuring Brand Sequel Support?

Originally posted on Movies, Movies, Movies:
Jumanji: The Next Level ⭐️½ Is this a brand/franchise you love? CNN is citing an analyst from Comscore that thinks this is the reason audiences are supporting this sequel where others have failed: 2019…

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Bonus post: Star Wars (again)

Not a lot to add here. Just bumped into this video and it sums up how I felt about Episode VIII: The Last Jedi pretty well. I’ve still only seen it the once, but the more I reflect on it, … Continue reading

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Jumanji: The Next Level (a review)

We went to see the latest Dwayne Johnson expanded jungleverse movie last night, and it was as fun and silly as we could have expected. Here is my very, very brief review. The classic characters, and some new faces and … Continue reading

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Farewell, René

I was saddened to learn that René Auberjonois, of Star Trek, Boston Legal and – oh no, he was the French Chef in The Little Mermaid! – passed away yesterday. René has been a dependable and lovable force of entertainment … Continue reading

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