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One more thing before radio silence resumes

Almost forgot: This passed under the radar of Finland’s Centenary. Australian parliament passes marriage equality law. So, as the young people today say, that happened. It was something of a landslide, with only four opposing votes. No more faffing around, … Continue reading

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I’ve decided to go on hiatus starting on the 1st of December and carrying through to my return from Christmas holiday on the 14th of January 2018. This doesn’t mean, of course, that I won’t be blogging at all. It … Continue reading

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Sunday after

Cèilidh went great. Pics and videos may have to wait, there’s a few floating around. Third and final drunken set ended on a bit of a messy note, but Finlandia went nicely. Food was excellent. Karelian pies with haggis, trifle … Continue reading

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[enter an interesting title for your blog post]

I was totally planning to write a movie review or some other Interesting Thing today, but in the end I opted to get a little bit of extra sleep and a spot of bagpipe practice done today instead (at least … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

Mrs. Hatboy and Wump went out to a museum, so Toop and I are hanging around the house, watching Netflix, snacking, and playing with Barbie dolls. Good times. Not a whole lot to report today. Amazing how little time there … Continue reading

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Huh (1).

(Wednesday of Huh, Part 1) So Australia’s postal survey on same-sex marriage was a solid win in favour of allowing equal rights. Well … I say “solid”, but it was about what one could reasonably expect the result to be: … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Was woken up late this morning by the smoke alarm going off. Mrs. Hatboy, Wump and Toop were making scones for breakfast and … look, long story short it’s not their fault, the oven has clinkers in it and they … Continue reading

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