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The Lie of the World, Part 2

Each in their own ways, the Monkeys prepared for their big adventure. According to the exclusive website featuring updates on the Project, the individuals could opt to go in small groups, and could choose which class of character they wanted … Continue reading

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Hatstand Pro

Day 63. 64 pages, 30,172 words. I’m considering levelling up the blog again. They’re offering me a slight discount, so two years of premium would cost €120 instead of €180. I feel a bit wealthy right now, but I’m just … Continue reading

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The Viili Trilogy: A Bromantic Movie Night Review Set

Day 58. 64 pages, 30,172 words. On Saturday I cruised on out to the civiliseds of Espoo with my esteemed bros dreameling and The Pas, for an evening at the Casa del Fahrenheit where there were to be mystery movies … Continue reading

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What surprises will Sunday hold?

Day 56. 64 pages, 30,172 words. If the stomach bugs let up for an instant, it might be a fun weekend (but I don’t know for sure, looking into my crystal ball). The new Godzilla movie on Friday, and some … Continue reading

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Devils And Such: Coda

Day 27. 64 pages, 30,229 words. The sound of their bickering was audible some seconds before her cell block doors opened. “…just saying, if it’s all part of your fabulous mysterious plan, why are you so mad about it?” “We … Continue reading

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Interlude: Easter Ramble

Day 15. 64 pages, 30,044 words. Long Easter weekend flatline, although I will probably still be deleting and adding stuff throughout. I pre-wrote as much of this long weekend’s stuff as possible, and got on a bit of a roll … Continue reading

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Interlude: Depressing Sunday video time

Day 8. 55 pages, 26,065 words. Sorry, I ran out of time and energy again for my weekend posts and today is election day over here in Finland, so Mrs. Hatboy will be working at the election booths, and I’m … Continue reading

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