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Lame Bonus Post: Going on another little hiatus

Until I get my editing done and Greyblade released, I’m going to take a break from blogging. I’m fine, just got a busy couple of weeks coming up and I have to let something go. I’m not finished with the … Continue reading

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Interlude (sort of): Omnicide

My day went to abrupt meltdown-level shit so although I have a part ready to post, I’m going to leave it until tomorrow so I have a chance to unpack and get my head back together again. Instead, I adapted … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day / Tapaninpäivää

I pre-wrote as much of the Christmas Special as I could, but am still off work for today before taking a two-day stint back at the office and then taking off again for another long weekend. In short, I have … Continue reading

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Last night, my dear irascible old grandma-in-law, Gunvor “Lillo” Helenius, passed away. This was not unexpected, as she had cruised past ninety years of age – in the style of one of the last remaining true Finnish-Swedish matriarchs – some … Continue reading

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Speaking of things that are apparently a thing … this is a thing

It looks like Sonic the Hedgehog is actually getting a live-action movie. At least, there’s a lot of stuff on IMDB, Wikipedia and so on about it, so … it is probably happening because we are living in a world … Continue reading

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Checking in

Not a lot going on this week, but I’ll be busy at work and busy editing Greyblade[1], and after my long weekend of shrill activism I’m pretty much done with politics for the time being – identity or otherwise. [1] … Continue reading

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Sick leave –>

Day 86. 76 pages, 31,989 words. Well timed onset of delightful stomach cramping and general poop-bugness. I’ll take a little break and be back with you all for the next part as soon as my brain is working again. – … Continue reading

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