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Latest Wheel of Time news

I saw today that there have been a few more casting choices for the Wheel of Time TV series. They’ve cast Loial, Logain, Thom and Padan Fain (and no, they didnae cast Sean Bean as Logain, ach). Loial, obviously, seems like … Continue reading

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One for the Dad Joke album

Today’s bonus post is courtesy of too little sleep.

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What’s New, November 27th, 2019

Hi y’all. Not a lot going on, busy at work and only able to post up some remastered oldies and the occasional copy-pasted rant. Work’s going well – lots to do, but chipping away at it. Still uncertain what the … Continue reading

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Where We’re At, Late October 2019

It occurs to me that I didn’t get a chance to make a post yesterday, so here’s a boring little bonus. All is going well at the new job and all the tools and processes are falling into place. Everyone … Continue reading

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Bonus Post: Chucky’s Check-In

(was going to call it Hatboy’s Heck-In, but couldn’t make it fly) Howdy y’all. It occurs to me that most of you aren’t reading The Steal of Time, so it’s been pretty boring sailing on the Hatstand lately for you. … Continue reading

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…and back

Turns out I was lazy, and didn’t end up with anything random to drop in here over the break. Holiday was great. Dublin Report as soon as I get everything sorted out and written and the photos imported. The week … Continue reading

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You want to be careful, Frodo, making jokes about the universe

Still going to prolong doing anything productive (you know, outside of work obviously), on account of being kicked out of bed by Wump and Toop this morning. Usually this is cool because I take the opportunity to write a bit, … Continue reading

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