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Whoops, watch out, The Critic is trying to edit the past

Fuck this, I was supposed to be finishing a story today but I guess this is what’s happening on my computer instead. So this is happening. The Critic (I won’t link to the story but you can find it if … Continue reading

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The push continues

It’s unfortunate when someone you otherwise agree with turns out to have an opinion you don’t share, but it’s also inevitable. Because people are all different. You can’t realistically expect to align with someone on every point. I disagree with … Continue reading

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The Fantastical Cakes of Zoogo Zaroy

“Shmoof,” Basil announced. “It’s this powdery stuff that puffs up into a big kind of blob when you pour water on it. If you eat it right away, it goes on swelling in your stomach and makes you feel like … Continue reading

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Random DnD humour

I made a random .gif today. Made me chuckle. “When your DnD character dies and you roll up a new one and just tack it onto the existing team when they’re in the middle of a campaign and they all … Continue reading

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The Wheel of Vine

Another little treat from a friend, this time Robert “Beer ‘General Moral Decay (Alcohol)’ Rot” E. This was hilarious. Particularly the Forsaken / Dark One part. But there were some other highlights. Perfect.  

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The Path of Blaggers, Part 19

“We have almost a thousand novices, Mother, but we don’t know how many of them are Darkfriends at any one moment,” Romanda said. “It would be folly to act now, when all is in such great doubt.” Janica sighed, took … Continue reading

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The Path of Blaggers, Part 18

Berelain’s horse, which she had smirkingly named Swallow, panicked a bit when Elyas and his four-legged buddies came out to play, so she dismounted and sent the horse galloping back towards Emond’s Field with a swift smack on the rump. … Continue reading

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