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Short Day Thursday

Just a random blog post today, I’ve started work on a certain something but I’m going to leave it until the weekend to post, so I can get my usual weekend pre-write in. In the meantime, here’s a semi-related sort-of … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

Day 79. 132,926 words. Full day meeting so no writing, I am just penning this on the bus. Today I had the delight to listen to the latest series of scathing notes on Mike Pence by the Last Week Tonight … Continue reading

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Author fight!

Day 75. 125,772 words. Well … okay, there probably won’t be an author fight since this poor little nobody seems to have fallen through the cracks like a tinpot third world military dictator’s threats of global annihilation. But what the heck, … Continue reading

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Day 72. 123,730 words. In a few short months I (an Australian, it scarcely needs to be said) have gone from not even knowing the Scottish community in Finland, to becoming their official piper and friend, then joining the Finnish Scottish … Continue reading

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Interlude: Tolkien moment

Day 60. 112,548 words. I was unreasonably proud of this bit of geeky inspiration that came to me the other day while I was at the pool with Wump. Last night I had to draw it as soon as I got … Continue reading

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Interlude: The roleplaying world just got the character class it deserves

Day 40. 92,330 words. I was greatly amused yesterday to learn from Mrs. Hatboy that there is a new class of character for D&D: Old Spice Fancy Gentleman / Fancy Gentlelady: Download this new Old Spice Gentleman Class for the … Continue reading

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Interlude: Parenting in 2018

Day 36. 86,322 words. Another strange thing I learned over the weekend (aside from a little bit about how Instagram works) was that there are YouTube videos where kids play with toys. And other kids apparently enjoy watching it. I … Continue reading

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