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Where I’m At / Signing Off, February 29th, 2020

I was going to make a post for the 29.2.2020 leap day, but was messing around and missed the midnight cut-off. Classic. I’m not, of course, completely signing off on the blog. Too many debates still to have, and you … Continue reading

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Tales of the Always Night: Chapter 12

Like I said (again), I won’t be posting every chapter of this because it’s going to be a book (and fairly soon by the feel of it). So I’ve skipped a few chapters, including basically all of the introductions of … Continue reading

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Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (a review)

This review has some spoilers. So here’s your warning. I did a lot of directionless ranting and waffling in this post. Without even any pictures to break it up. But here’s one.

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The Wheel of Vine

Another little treat from a friend, this time Robert “Beer ‘General Moral Decay (Alcohol)’ Rot” E. This was hilarious. Particularly the Forsaken / Dark One part. But there were some other highlights. Perfect.  

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George RR Martin’s Next Book

My esteemed associate and friend Mr. BRKN shared this with me this morning. It seems George RR Martin is delaying his next A Song of Ice and Fire book (which totally would have otherwise been coming out this year, of course) in … Continue reading

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Tales of the Always Night: Chapter 4

Like I said, taking a bit of a break and trying to get more of this written. I won’t post two chapters this weekend, just the one. There’s a couple of mini-references here, and I haven’t gone through and edited … Continue reading

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No, this is nothing to do with blackface. Nor is it intended to shame anyone for their sexual habits, or even comment on sex as anything but a metaphor. Yesterday I had a fun random inspiration that I thought I … Continue reading

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