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Lord of BS, Part 16

By the time they got back to the Sun Palace in Cairhien, Vamps was feeling woozy and demanded that Loial carry him. After assiduously draping some cloths over his arms to protect his sleeves from the increasingly-conspicuous weeping sores and … Continue reading

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Today on the aki’Pedia

Threw down a couple more starships (including the Betty’s Child), and went off on a little jaunt about gadrón-leaf alcohol. Good times. Re-reading some of The Final Fall of Man, just to keep it all fresh in my mind and give … Continue reading

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Jumanji: The Next Level (a review)

We went to see the latest Dwayne Johnson expanded jungleverse movie last night, and it was as fun and silly as we could have expected. Here is my very, very brief review. The classic characters, and some new faces and … Continue reading

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VVitchy Movie Night (some reviews)

On Saturday the Bros (minus The Pas) sat down to watch a trilogy of sorts. Okay, they were all different movies by different creators and telling different stories, but when Mr. Fahrenheit picks a movie theme, he has a habit … Continue reading

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Farewell, René

I was saddened to learn that René Auberjonois, of Star Trek, Boston Legal and – oh no, he was the French Chef in The Little Mermaid! – passed away yesterday. René has been a dependable and lovable force of entertainment … Continue reading

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Lord of BS, Part 15

It didn’t take Vamps long to get bored, and when he realised that his shield wouldn’t permit enough of the One Power through to provide him with any real alleviation of this boredom, he started to sulk. Bashere, who was … Continue reading

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It wasn’t much to look at. Or it was quite a bit to look at, but all packed into a rather small package. Chittle was the size, and approximately the shape, of a badly-halved apple. A little lopsided dome of … Continue reading

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