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Alright, lightening it up

Sorry about my babbling and over-enthusiastic people-scolding these past few days, it’s been unpleasant but the truth is I know a lot of excellent people and they should be celebrated and encouraged in their brilliance. Pints, then. Soon. And I’ll … Continue reading

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No. Wait a minute. No.

Over the weekend I had a dream, and it set off a small and fairly light exchange between myself and my esteemed associate and good friend Mr. dreameling. I didn’t think there was anything else to say there, although I … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Dream

Last night, I was suffering very mild flu-like symptoms, I was tired as Hell and I had an unfortunate gas problem that meant I had to get up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom. Sometime around 03:00am, … Continue reading

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Sad news from Turku

Yesterday, what currently looks like a lone murderous shitbag went on a knife spree and stabbed a bunch of people in the city of Turku. At least two people were killed although information is still coming in. Nobody I knew … Continue reading

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Never Stop

Another busy yet uneventful day with nothing much to report, and the weekend looks fairly quiet too which makes a change. I dropped a review onto Goodreads (which I have been severely neglecting), to celebrate Never Stop, a very cool … Continue reading

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Speaking of the future

Immediately after joining the Heinlein Society and checking out their forums, I found an independent author who has written a book about exponential technology and the utopia or dystopia / extermination it could lead to. I checked out the first … Continue reading

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Not a lot to report today. Everyone’s talking about the utterly unsurprising next step the USian Nazis have taken, and “punching them: yes or no?” is back on the table as a discussion item. I’d personally be more worried about … Continue reading

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