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Day 113. 129 pages, 58,244 words. Actually took a bit of a dip today because yesterday I deleted a bunch of stuff that it’s become obvious isn’t going to make it in, and moved a bunch of other stuff that … Continue reading

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Hulk Out

Day 112. 132 pages, 57,843 words. I was saddened yesterday to learn that the legendary Stan Lee, grand-daddy of Marvel comics, had died aged 95. That’s one Hell of an innings, especially considering he was still pulling hilarious cameos in … Continue reading

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Okay, politics then

Day 111. 130 pages, 56,667 words. Again, you’re welcome for that extra word. Quick one today, since I’m between stories. The US had their mid-term elections last week, which a lot of people have been looking forward to since Trump … Continue reading

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Clues (An Interlude in Flash-Forward Form)

Day 110. 121 pages, 52,150 words.   She was talking to herself again. And what made it worse, she thought, was that she was treating it like a conversation between herself and someone else. And she, the ‘someone else’ in … Continue reading

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Random Saturday Musings

Day 109. 121 pages, 52,150 words. I was considering leaving out the fourth and final part of this extended Destarion story, and writing the whole thing into a fun little novel for Amazon sale at Christmas. But I haven’t really … Continue reading

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Predericon in Darkness, Part 20

Day 108. 121 pages, 52,150 words.   “…and that’s why I think I first accepted your application. It was perfectly sound, and all else being equal, I gave in to sentiment and accepted the applicant who was named after the … Continue reading

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Predericon in Darkness, Part 19

Day 107. 117 pages, 50,114 words. Nope.   She heard the cake land on the misprint’s side with a wet slap, then fall softly to the floor. There was another moment of silence in the absolute darkness, and then her … Continue reading

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