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Some More News (Cody’s Showdy)

I’ll just leave this here.

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Musical Interlude

Here’s a nice bit of atmospheric music set against a backdrop you might find familiar. I like the tune (are those intro-notes familiar? Sounds like the opening or a trailer for something?), and had to drop a comment in the … Continue reading

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Random DnD humour

I made a random .gif today. Made me chuckle. “When your DnD character dies and you roll up a new one and just tack it onto the existing team when they’re in the middle of a campaign and they all … Continue reading

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Poisoned Fruits

No, not lightly does one kill a God. There was an insult, a dire curse, mostly forgotten in the Last Days but still guaranteed to kick off a fistfight or a witch-burning if spoken in the wrong circles. That curse … Continue reading

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Coming out of hiatus briefly because it would be historically remiss of me not to at least mention that March 2020 was the month COVID-19 really made its presence known across the world. I haven’t done a lot of research. I … Continue reading

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Okay, so I just wanted to say something about the Oulu Rape Macarena. Never heard of it? Sorry. I was happier before I knew about it too. Long story short, it’s one of those painful attempts to put a public … Continue reading

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Where I’m At / Signing Off, February 29th, 2020

I was going to make a post for the 29.2.2020 leap day, but was messing around and missed the midnight cut-off. Classic. I’m not, of course, completely signing off on the blog. Too many debates still to have, and you … Continue reading

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