I am Hatboy. This is my blog. On it, I write stuff.

Manly McManlyperson with drink and offspring. Mercedes unrelated.

This is me on Facebook.

This is me on the Twitters.

This is me on YouTube.

This is my book about surviving cancer.

This is my science fiction series about the last remnant of the human race and the adventures they have while in a big darn hurry to go extinct.

This is my fantasy series about how we got from here to that science fiction series I was just talking about. Well, the first book of it anyway.

This is the Wiki page about my writing. It’s still in development.

2 Responses to About

  1. Andrew, interested about your book after Alastair (@AquilaRfit) tweeted about your book. I have 4 Nooks, no Kindles. Once it is available there, I’m buying it!

    • stchucky says:

      Well, this is excellent! I don’t know anything about Nook, from what I gather they are pretty much mutually exclusive with the Kindle deal I have with Amazon, I can’t release the book on both platforms. The book is also out in paperback, of course. Compatible with all e-reader technology, ‘cos it doesn’t use it.

      I’m glad my relentless pestering of Mr. Reynolds has paid off, but sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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