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Ropecon 2019, with pictures

This year Ropecon was mostly about the cosplay. Which it often is anyway, for us, but this time I was really too worn out to do anything else. Plus the weather was dismally hot (despite the airconditioning in the convention … Continue reading

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Ropecon 3: The One With Pictures

Day 127. 158 pages, 73,747 words. Like I said, not too many pictures this year for Ropecon but I would be remiss in my blogging duties (and would also have to come up with some other blog post to make) … Continue reading

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Ropecon 2, Return of the Killer Ropecon

Day 126. 150 pages, 69,622 words. Still nothing to report for the weekend. Working away, pre-writing as much as I can before things get busy at work again, and generally just trying to relax. I’ll add Ropecon pictures as I … Continue reading

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Ropecon 2017

Day 125. 150 pages, 69,622 words. Another lazy pre-write this weekend, and another essential flatline although I am still hoping to get a bit done. It’s Ropecon this weekend, so we’re going to be hitting Messukeskus for the duration. Since … Continue reading

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Ropecon, final (with pictures)

Day 16. 168 pages, 76,707 words. Obviously not much written this weekend. Well, another Ropecon is over for another year. We didn’t do Friday, but this year was the first year we did Saturday and Sunday, and hung around for … Continue reading

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Ropecon, Day 2

Day 15. Nothin’. But I am done with Part One. Stripped down to Steampunk Gentleman today, and Wump and Toop dressed as Pirate Fairy and Tinkerbell, respectively. Lots of good times already and it’s only just past midday. More pictures … Continue reading

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Ropecon, Day 1

Day 14. Word count zero. Ropecon. Awesome fun. Tiring, and sweaty, but awesome.  

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Ropecon 2014

Day 34. 86 pages, 38,655 words. That’s right, nothing written yesterday. But totally worth it. Oh gaffa tape. Never change (because that would be weird). Oh yes, it was another excellent year! I’m definitely feeling that I’m beginning to find … Continue reading

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Coming out of hiatus briefly because it would be historically remiss of me not to at least mention that March 2020 was the month COVID-19 really made its presence known across the world. I haven’t done a lot of research. I … Continue reading

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Where I’m At / Signing Off, February 29th, 2020

I was going to make a post for the 29.2.2020 leap day, but was messing around and missed the midnight cut-off. Classic. I’m not, of course, completely signing off on the blog. Too many debates still to have, and you … Continue reading

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